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    • I had a 'moment' today. It's surreal that INSEAD starts in a month! Where did P0 go? I'm a little nervous now... 9 years ago
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I’ve been receiving some feedback on my blog. Some have been very appreciative, some have been inquisitive while some have been outright candid. I thank all of you for your comments; spurs me on. The truly inspiring ones are the constructive ones. So, I’ve decided to act on them and address a few points.

  1. I would like to thank S & A for their original thoughts on INSEAD’s brilliant strategy on D-Day which I described in my 1st post. You guys rock!
  2. Few thought I was criticizing LBS in my 1st post. I would like to clarify that it was NOT my intention at all and it was instead an observation of the whole process and emotions that day. LBS is a top-notch B-school and I was an applicant too.
  3. I think INSEAD and their general approach to communicating with their applicants has been superb! They are the best in my book at this at the moment and I’m extremely proud I’m an INSEADer now.

So, I hope I’ve clarified any misunderstandings. Keep them coming guys!


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