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Hard(ly) Working

It’s not been easy. I’ll be the first to admit it. Imagine going hungry for a day and then gobbling all the food in sight. Exhaustion sets in and you just want to sleep. That’s exactly what’s happening to me at work. I’ve spent so much time, energy and stressful nights on applications that getting admitted into INSEAD has left me with a sense of lethargy. I don’t feel like working. But, I also know I need the money. INSEAD is by no means cheap and this is the time to scrape together as much as possible. It’s wise to minimize the loan. The heart says chuck it all and relax while my brain insists on throwing a wrench.

I have to force myself to be professional. I do feel bad I’m not giving my 100% at work always. Things which would rile me into immediate action previously now elicit a more relaxed approach. Everyday is a struggle to be professionally motivated when I know I’m leaving soon.

The days seem longer than ever. Sigh!


6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I think your post in interesting and it is exactly the same things I have been going through since I got the admit. More so until recently- with having to decide between LBS and INSEAD and recently decided to join INSEAD. Hope to see you in Fonty or SGP.

  2. Hey Dejavu,

    I’ve a feeling every admit to every B-school (or grad school) goes through this. See you around in Fonty (that’s where I’m starting).

  3. Dear mate,

    How are you? Hope very well! Congrats: your blog is very well done!

    I’ve just been selected for interviews R2 Jan 2010 and I’d need your opinion. I am not sure to continue the selection process because of the market downturn. Believe me, INSEAD is my dream business school; I was hoping to get the MBA and then change career to IB or even PE. As you may reckon, I believe that I will not even get an internship during summer 2010. Have you seen the numbers for summer 2009 from other bloggers? What could you make feel more confident about 2010?
    What would you do?



    • Hi John,

      Firstly congrats on getting to the interview stage! It’s an accomplishment in itself. The timing of the MBA was something very critical to me also. Like you I’m a career changer. Considering you graduate in Dec. 2010, that’s still 1.5 years away. We are slowly seeing some positive signs in the economy (I know there are debates on this, but I think it is on the recovery path) so things are looking up. If you read my “10, 000 Hours, etc.” post, I spoke about timing and being in the right place at the right time. I honestly think there’s going to be a shake-up in the business world and IMHO, I think Dec. 2010 is a great time to be out with an MBA. The wave would have just started or be on it’s way up. This was something I considered when I was applying.

      Even if I were to join a US b-school, there are protectionist problems there coupled with the insane H1B rules. Assuming I graduated in Summer 2011 from a US b-school, I think I would be in a far worse position than coming out of INSEAD (except maybe H/S). The graduating class of Dec. 2008 had it rough and the few friends I have who are graduating in Dec. 2009 say things are looking much better. So, Dec. 2010 should be even better if not at almost normal levels. Ultimately, there are other factors like gut feeling, personal and professional reasons. If you feel confident and safer applying next year, go for it.

  4. Might not be a bad idea taking it easy before heading to b-school. Pace of life will only get quicker!

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