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Dedicated to Our First Place

When you hear you’ve been admitted to a top-school or landed that dream promotion at work or gotten that huge pay hike, the feeling is surreal. Weirdly enough, waiting for such results becomes a huge part of our lives. When the goal is reached and the waiting is over, a void is left which was previously filled with anticipation and expectation. We start looking for new ways to fill that void; new worries, new (higher) expectations and that all too-familiar feeling of dreaded anticipation comes back to haunt us. I think this is a huge motivator for most people (subconsciously of course) and is what drives people to succeed further. The initial feeling of euphoria gives way to a cloudy surreal feeling while you wait for the actual realization of the dream and hard-work. There are moments when you can glimpse what’s headed your way.

One moment, for me, came over the weekend. I moved out of my place to save on the rent-money and to build up some savings before INSEAD. It was sad to leave. This was my and my wife’s first place after marriage. We had a lot of memories built up over a year-and-a-half. Friends always hung out at our place. Impromptu parties were always thrown with barely 15 minutes to arrange for food and drinks. Friends have fought with their better-halves (or parents) and come right home without notice to spend the night.Everyone who came in felt right at home. We spent all our creative juices in doing it up. We had a red-and-white theme for the living room. A chocolate brown theme for our bedroom. A peacock blue theme for the guest room. A soft-orange theme for the study room where I spent countless nights preparing for the GMAT and the applications. Each sofa-cushion in the living room was painstakingly and lovingly chosen. We scourged our city trying to find the right shades to match the crockery cabinet, the dining table, the entertainment unit, etc. We failed on most occasions; we were always a shade lighter or darker. But, that imperfection gave it a warmer look in the end. Audrey Hepburn graced our dining room with a throw-back to the 1950s in a quirky twist to our otherwise classical dining area. Guests loved it and more importantly we loved it.

Shifting out of our home brought me back from the surreal to the real. I got a glimpse of what’s up ahead. It came down more heavily than before, that very soon I’ll be uprooting my life for a completely different adventure. While its certainly exhilarating, its definitely scary. Any plunge into the unknown is.

I don’t know where I’ll be after INSEAD, but I never want to forget all the events that led up to it and the place where most of it happened. So, in a small way, thanks “home” for all the wonderful memories. We’ll miss you.


4 Responses

  1. awww… :(

  2. Im gonna miss your home too :(
    Especially my post shopping visits
    But I wont miss you two, coz ill be seeing you in France, whether you like it or not ;)

  3. Lovely post.

  4. I soo sooo echo your feelings! An INSEAD admit myself, and married since a year and a half, I feel terribly sad at the thought of leaving our first residence together, and it will always be special.. :)

    P.S. whats your real name? Have you joined the facebook group for Class of Dec2010?

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