An Exercise in Relaxation

I know I haven’t blogged in a while. Been on holiday :). I’m in Singapore at the moment. I figured going to INSEAD here will be a good idea. Plus, I have a few friends who’re already at INSEAD and are in Singapore. So, meeting up with them is also going to be informational and fun.

The tough part about being on holiday is that
a) I know I’ve got to get back to work in a short time,
b) it’s harder to digest I’m going back to work knowing I’m quitting, and
c) not having enough time to soak up as much fun as possible.

Anyway, I’ve decided to quit the day I get back into office. I don’t see any point in continuing my job when I’m so half-hearted about it. It ain’t fair to me or my employer.

I’ll post more after my INSEAD visit.


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