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Flying Pigs and the Cheek of it All

I just got back from my 2-week break. I needed this holiday very badly. It had officially been 1.5 years since I had last taken any significant holiday. Coupled with a super-stressful job, having to write B-school applications did not exactly make my Sundays any rosier. So, this was a long overdue break.

I had decided before leaving for my break, that I would not answer any official mails. You see, I have this very dirty habit of sneaking a peek into my official inbox; this generally happens when I’m bored. Sending 1 mail when on holiday will result in approx. 12 replies. So, the maths isn’t in favor of a chilled-out holiday if you’re sending official mails.

This had also been a difficult year at work. I had the worst-possible boss (henceforth known as the asshole) the last 10 months. Huge hiring mistake on the part of my CEO. The asshole had neither managerial nor technical skills. What he did have in abundance was a keen understanding of the divide-and-rule policy. His daily work was to confuse, demoralize, denigrate, play racial politics and point fingers when upper management asked questions. I always call an asshole an asshole (fucker works equally well here). Needless to say this created enough love in him to start hating me with all his black heart. Unfortunately for him, my results were always at par with expectations. It used to drive him crazy and more time and juices were spent plotting and scheming on how to make me lose more hair than I had already lost the past 10 months.

This was a shitty position to be in and I was burnt out trying to block-out the negativity and defend myself from all these schemes while still delivering actual output. The 2-week break cleared up a lot of muck in my head and my heart. I decided that come Monday (3rd Aug), I will resign. Heck, why should I kill myself over a job when I can travel and enjoy my time before INSEAD? So, I flew back home late on Sunday night, composed my resignation letter and went to sleep intending to send it out the next day.

I headed to work the next morning all morose that I still have to look upon the asshole’s face. I step into my floor and see that his cabin (in case you didn’t know, assholes get cabins) is empty and the lights are off. Am thinking this is my lucky day, the asshole is on leave. Then, I sit down and my colleague beside me asks what I thought of the “good news”. My blank expression informs him succinctly that I know nothing of what’s happened. So, he jubilantly tells me that the asshole had been fired last Thursday with immediate effect!

I’m like WTF?! All my plans of resoundingly slamming my resignation in his stupid face were shattered. He did not allow me even the satisfaction of a vengeful resignation.

Anyway, the resignation’s been put off by a week now till my CEO’s back in town.


6 Responses

  1. Hi dude,

    How are you??? Long time no see.

    Don’t worry about this. You can always send an e-mail or a text message…..



    • Fernando,

      I owe my CEO a face-to-face at the very least. He’s been instrumental in my professional growth and it would be impolite on my part to just mail him. Hence, it’s been put off for a week.

  2. But then again, the satisfaction that you get when u slam that resignation in front of the ‘asshole’ would have been out of the world :-)

    • betty,

      I was soooooo looking forward to slamming the resignation in his face. My team kept the news from me so that it’s a good surprise when I get back. So, we’ll “mourn” his dismissal with a huge round of drinks this Friday ;-).

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