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Leavin’ on a Jet Plane…

So, this is what my to-pack and to-do list is looking like right now. This list, though unsaid, obviously includes my passport, tickets, laptop, daily clothes, underwear (color you say?), ties, and socks. It’s a non-exhaustive list, and of course, any glaring omissions are welcome.

To Pack
Canon dSLR
Basic first-aid kit
Stationary (pens, mechanical pencils, highlighters, staplers, erasers, text pads, )
HP portable printer

  • Academic Records (Originals and copies)
  • Financial papers (loan papers, OD facility, bank statements)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • OFII form
  • MRI scans
  • INSEAD acceptace letters
  • House rental agreement
  • Professional appointment letters


  • Formal shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Slippers/ Sandals

Academic Books & French books
Business suits
Dakine backpack
1-set bed linen and pillow case
Motorola Bluetooth headset and charger
Montblanc pen
Shaver kit

Cancel mobile phone account
Cancel credit cards
Buy/ Beg/ Borrow/ Steal financial calculator for INSEAD
Try to do at least a little pre-reading

Whether all this will fit within my airline baggage weight restrictions is still up for debate. Why does Europe allow so little baggage in??


4 Responses

  1. […] Darden ‘10 July Dream was in India and packing a whole heck of a lot each day. McCombs ‘10 Metal was headed home to India as well, and hoped the food smelled as good as always. Ross ‘10 M@ compiled the best of his 2009 experiences, including getting fat in South Dakota. McCombs ‘10 Paragon2Pieces reviewed her Corporations class. Darden ‘10 Mechanigal reflected on the great group of independent women she knew at the school. INSEAD ‘10 Out Of My Jeans prepared for his departure to France with quite the to do list. […]

  2. Mate, you forgot to pack costumes for the 73 costume parties that will happen in P1 alone.

  3. Don’t forget the headphones!! You will need them when surrounded by more than 2 french people!!!!

    Have a fantastic journey, mate!!

    Still owe you a dinner.


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