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    • Geez Fonty is hot! 8 years ago
    • The ball was a ball! Was swelling with pride when the fireworks went off. 8 years ago
    • Got a whole new wardrobe today! :-) Bank balance depleting rapidly, but the buzz of new stuff is a nice high. 9 years ago
    • I had a 'moment' today. It's surreal that INSEAD starts in a month! Where did P0 go? I'm a little nervous now... 9 years ago
    • Ouch! Just made the 2nd payment of 30,000 EUR. 9 years ago
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To cut a long story short, I’m an admit to INSEAD’s class of December 2010 and I start at Fonty come January 2010.

I’m a risk-taker. It’s true; the mangled arm from my motorbike rallies, the cracked rib from my mountain climbing at 20,000 feet, and my busted start-up(s) are all testimony to that. I started my career in start-ups and have been involved in some mind-blowing stuff like the CELL processor in the PS3 and satellite communications (secretive). I’ve lived in Singapore, U.K., Malaysia, and India (I will add France to this list next year). I’ve written 2 stage-produced plays and know how to cut up onions really well (or so I’ve been told).

Why this blog? I like to write; plain and simple. Hopefully, it’ll become a journal I can look back at after years gone by and make for some fun reading and nostalgic moments.

Why OutOfMyJeans? Coz’, I love my jeans, but realize it’s time to let them go (dad, your wish is finally coming true!) as I start b-school. Here’s hoping I don’t regress to pajamas.


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