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    • Geez Fonty is hot! 8 years ago
    • The ball was a ball! Was swelling with pride when the fireworks went off. 8 years ago
    • Got a whole new wardrobe today! :-) Bank balance depleting rapidly, but the buzz of new stuff is a nice high. 8 years ago
    • I had a 'moment' today. It's surreal that INSEAD starts in a month! Where did P0 go? I'm a little nervous now... 8 years ago
    • Ouch! Just made the 2nd payment of 30,000 EUR. 8 years ago
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OMJ’s Back…

Stay tuned!

P.s. Thanks ClearAdmit for the Best of Blogging nomination. Kick-started me into writing gear again.


do i need to take an iron to insead

To the poor sod who reached me through this search phrase, I feel for your ironing needs man. It’s tough enough we pay so much money in tuition fees. What with the post-MBA job scene and all, to expect us to bring our own iron is just plain ridiculous!

Anyone out there willing to timeshare an iron? Since, we’re at it, what about the heater? I feel cold only in the summer.

New Sleeves

Don’t be alarmed. You’re still reading OutOfMyJeans.

I’ve moved to a more powerful theme which gives me more flexibility in the content I put out to you, my dear reader.

Blog Archive

I’m not very happy with WordPress’s display of the blog archive. I prefer a drop-down list of all the posts for that month (so that I can choose individual posts based on title) rather than clicking on a collective link to that whole month. I’ve found that annoying in other blogs. Blogspot seems to have that feature.

Does anyone know how to get that sort of a blog archive going in WordPress? Maybe I’m missing something very simple.